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Please refer to the specific applications for the solution. In what type of applications particular product/technology can be used? On which markets? In which industry? In what process? Please indicate which and whose needs this technological solution meets.
Please list the most important advantages of the solution. Please compare the above mentioned advantages of the technology/product to the competition.
Please provide an indication of the stage in which the technology is being tested. What has already been done? Have these tests been verified, if so how? Please describe what technology parameters were measured/tested and what were the results.
Please indicate what type of financial support is needed to develop this project.
Please provide the names of inventors of technology?
Please list all industrial property rights applications (regardless of the form of this protection: patent, utility model, industrial design, trade mark) made and granted under the project.
Please list all the entities that own industrial property rights to this solution (not the creators, but the entities and persons having industrial property rights).
Please list the most important publications written by the creators or well-known publishers that contain information related to technology.

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