Business Developer / COO

Job description

Olympus Sky Technologies is a startup that developed a cybersecurity software for IoT devices as well as asset tracking, focusing on the automotive, aerospace and rail markets. Our products are at the forefront of their field. We are passionate about building the future we want to see. We are growing rapidly, and we need a skilled Business Developer / COO to acquire and manage new customers and investors (Round A). The ideal candidate will be ambitious, energetic, not risk averse and will have experience in B2B sales. In this role, You will be the front of the company and you will be responsible for developing long-term growth and relationships with clients, partners and investors, negotiating contracts and closing deals. We will rely on you to develop a deep understanding of the industry. The ideal candidate will have a background in some of the fields: ICT, IoT, AI, cybersecurity, transport solutions, and track record in start-up that had a successful exit.


  • Developing sales goals and ensuring they are met
  • Lead generation and prospect management
  • Building long-term relationships with customers, partners and investors
  • Create contract-winning proposals and negotiate contract terms with clients and investors
  • Collaborating with the team to ensure contracted product is executed on-time
  • Understanding client needs and offering solutions and support; responding to client requests for proposals
  • Creating informative presentations; presenting and delivering information to potential clients and investors and presenting at industry exhibits
  • Manage company finances


  • Proven B2B sales track record
  • Ability to develop solutions for clients
  • Demonstrated ability to negotiate deals
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Understanding of the cybersecurity industry, with the ability to become an expert on the job
  • Having an in-depth knowledge of business products and value proposition
  • Experience with implementation of business development strategy
  • Experience in customer support


  • Working with winning teams
  • Flexible scheduling and hours
  • Independence
  • Option to work from home and/or remotely
  • Ability to work in diverse industries and experience a wide variety of company cultures
  • The possibility of higher pay for those who are successful

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