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advanced technologies on their way to the market

Who we are?

We are an investment fund that engages in technology projects at an early stage of development. We invest in entrepreneurial visionaries.

We are experts in technology analysis, which makes us see values that others do not see.

Our goal

Our goal is to support people with hearts to create. We help not only by recapitalising, but also by enabling cooperation with large technology companies and industry.

If you have a unique know-how and entrepreneurial flair, we will help you to create a company and show you how to increase its value.

Areas of investment

The Polish Institute for Research and Development supports entrepreneurial inventors who significantly change the reality in the following areas:

For creators

We are looking for projects that take the state of the art to a whole new level – we have been searching for such gems for years. So far we have managed to create a dozen of companies that change the world around us.

With the support of us and our partners, we will provide you with the opportunity to build the value of your project. We have the experience to help you spread your wings.

Do you have a unique know-how and entrepreneurial flair?


For investors

The rights to technological solutions are seemingly insignificant, but they account for as much as 80% of the assets of the 500 largest companies in the world. As technology experts, we can see these values wherever others do not see them yet. Then we show how to use them to deliver maximum benefits.

We cooperate with entities from many areas of industry and look for business partners who want to develop with us and increase their value. By combining science, business and industry, we make benefits possible for everyone.

Invest with us in breakthrough technologies to create and monetize the future

Our team



Contact us

Polski Instytut Badań i Rozwoju
ul. Rajców 25
PL-00-220 Warszawa

Are you an creator?

Marek Romanowski
+48 791 361 952‬

Are you an investor?

Aleksandra Donocik
+48 512 262 418‬

The project „Fundusz Bridge Alfa Polski Instytut Badań i Rozwoju Inwestycje” („Bridge Alfa Fund Polish Institute for Research and Development Investments”) co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Intelligent Development Operational Programme.
The project is a part of BRIdge ALFA – the National Centre for Research and Development competition.

Grant amount: 24,000,000.00 PLN
Size of the fund: 30,000,000.00 PLN

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